Design, Project Management and Commissioning

Global Grain Handling Solutions can assist free of charge in initial project scoping and feasibility analysis.

GGHS has the capability to assist with design, project management and commissioning of full bunker sites. The company has previously delivered international projects – successfully exceeding client expectations.

Grain Bunker Tarping

Grain bunker with tarps on grain

GGHS has the capability to provide systematic training on the grain bunker tarping process to ensure the standards for maintenance of grain quality. Grain Bunker Tarping is a high risk activity that has the potential to cause injury without credible training. GGHS’s Training for grain bunker tarping focuses on planning and management of weather conditions, in particular wind, operational processes for applying the tarpaulins and the safety management documents and standards to minimise risks.

Grain Tarpaulin Maintenance

Grain tarpaulin maintenance shed

Grain Bunker Tarpaulins are multiple use items and require maintenance and re-rolling prior to redeployment back onto grain bunkers. GGHS can supply all the custom equipment for completion of this activity as well training on the maintenance process to maximise asset life.

Grain Bunker Construction

Grain bunker construction

GGHS has the capability to provide training on grain bunker construction and deconstruction methods. The company can also complete this task when included in a project scope for site commissioning. All relevant safety management and training materials are supplied for the safe and efficient completion of the activity.