Grain Handling Products

Grain Bunker sites are low CAPEX, mobile and can be deployed rapidly. This is versus other storage methods such as concrete silos which are expensive, fixed and with extensive lead times.

GGHS has the proven capability to supply all products required for the operation of a full grain bunker site including grain bunker walls , stackers, tarpaulins and all other ancillary equipment.

Commercial Grain Bunker

The Commercial Grain Bunkers supplied by GGHS utilise a patented tarp clamping system invented by GGHS that allows unskilled staff to manage tarping grain bunkers competently and safely in a highly efficient manner.

Commercial Grain Bunker

Grain Bunker Stacker

The Grain Bunker Stacker supplied by GGHS has been refined over a long period of time to deliver high throughout with simple and safe operation. The stacker is highly manoeuvrable and can be easily packed up for transportation to other sites.

Grain bunker stacker

Grain Bunker Tarpaulins

GGHS sources Tarpaulins specific to each client’s requirements in either Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) or Polypropylene (PP). The material is of the highest standard of mechanical properties and ultraviolet performance to ensure moisture protection and effective fumigation to maintain grain quality.

Tarpaulins stack
Ancillary Equipment

GGHS can supply all ancillary equipment for the operation of a grain bunker site. Such items include grain cover rollers, lifting devices, winches and grain scraping equipment.

Lifting devices
Grain cover scraper
Grain cover roller