Commercial Grain Stacker

Grain bunker stacker

The Grain Bunker Stacker supplied by GGHS has been refined over a long period of time to deliver high throughput of up to 600 tonnes per hour with simple and safe operation. The stacker is highly manoeuvrable in-situ and can be easily packed up for transportation via road to other sites.

Drive over grid (DOG) Grain Bunker Stackers are the most efficient product for filling grain bunkers. This style of stacker ensures the highest utilisation of trucking capacity by allowing quick unloading times.

The operational process for unloading into a grain bunker with a drive over grid stacker is:

  1. Trucks drive along a roadway parrelel to the bunker.
  2. Truck then drives up and onto the stacker grid parking with the tailgate in line with the middle of the stacker.
  3. Tailgate is opened and trailer lifted to eject all grain.
  4. Grain is transported from the dumping grid onto the conveyor.
  5. Grain is stacked into the pile inside the bunker.
  6. Truck lowers trailer and drives forward off the stacker grid.
  7. Progressively the stacker is moved forward to continue filling the bunker as grain reaches wall height.